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Contact Me

Welcome to the contact page. I am glad you have enjoyed the blog so much to want to contact me. 

Please feel free to comment on any of the blog posts, say hi to me on social media or via email. 

I have worked with other food bloggers in the past, these being NextStopfood and Journey From Within  

If you have any questions or want to contact me please see the links below.


Instagram: @TheHungryNeko

I have been very fortunate and lucky to have met some famous celebrity chefs - Enjoy my happy snaps!

Invitations and Restaurant Reviews

If you wish to contact me to invite me to a new restaurant or an existing restaurant, Let me know! 
I am always happy to give things a go, just contact via email at

All images are copyrighted by TheHungryNeko (unless otherwise stated).  Please do not use images without permission. If you wish to use any of my images just contact me.

Product and Service Reviews

Do you have a product you want me to try? Or want me to try your service? Send me an email with the details and I will be happy to have a look and review.

I will rate the product or service based on our own opinions and post accordingly a week after receiving the product/service.

Please note that my main demographic is food lovers. Before contacting me, please make sure the product or service is food related.


This blog is for entertainment purposes only and I am not providing any medical, legal or other professional advice.

TheHungryNeko will not sell any personal or contact information from any of readers and will not put any reader’s information on any spam lists. I do not hold responsibility for the privacy practices of any advertisers or blog commenters. 

Please contact me to remove any content if you have identified as being sensitive, harmful, or unnecessary.


All photos are taken by TheHungryNeko and hold the legal copyrights to my own images. The material and content posted on this blog cannot be used for reprint or published  without my written or verbal consent.

All images taken by me are copyrighted of  ©TheHungryNeko. 

Creative Commons License



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