Friday, 21 December 2018

Maniax - Axe Throwing

Maniax - Axe Throwing

Travel Location: Maniax - Axe Throwing

Address: 01/75 Mary St, St Peters NSW 2044

What I liked best about this place:

What don't I like about Axe throwing? Just as the name describes you and your friends throw the axes at a wall with a target.

There are points allocations depending how close to the bulls eye you are. The points range from 1, 3, 5 and 7 (last resort point).

Upon entry and payment, you are asked to sign a waiver on the iPads provided.  As a group we paid $50.00 per person (price is subject to change).

Then the organisers draw up a knock our tournament and off you go. Don’t worry an instructor is with you the entire time.

Two people at a time throw the axes and take in turns accumulating points.

Someone keeps score manually on the computer.

The person with most points goes on to the next round.

I attended this for a work team bonding session, it was so much fun and especially exciting when you hit the bulls eye.

This is a great place to go with friends, groups, parties or a family night out (+18 ONLY).

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