Sunday, 23 September 2018

Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Restaurant: Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Address: Lower Ground Floor, Central Park Mall, 28, Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

What I liked best about this place
I absolutely love fried chicken! And this place had really nice chicken. The original chicken with Honey mustard was a very good combination. But I think the Garlic soy fried chicken was tastier. My absolute favourite thing I ate here was the cheesy corn. Something so simple and yet I never thought of before!

What was ordered:

Corn Cheese – $9.8 , Seasoned loose corn covered with seared cheese and sprinkled parsley served on a sizzling plate.

Potato heaven – $14, 3 different layers of a signature potato. Mashed creamy potato, cheese and wedges are in layered harmony.

Kimchi pancake - $14, Pan-fried traditional Korean pickled cabbage and vegetables in Korean pancake batter.

Original whole chicken – $32, A whole chicken cut into 17 pieces (with bones).
Honey Mustard Sauce - $2

Seafood and spring onion pancake – $14, Pan-fried assorted seafood and spring onion in Korean pancake batter.

Garlic Soy whole chicken – $34, Whole chicken cut into 17 pieces (with bones).

Jap-Chae – $12, Sweet potato noodle stir-fried with mushrooms, chicken and vegetables in sweet soy sauce.

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