Sunday, 2 September 2018

Cake - Monet - La Renaissance Patisserie

Monet - La Renaissance Patisserie 

Where to get this cake:  La Renaissance Patisserie 


White chocolate and vanilla bavaroise, on a base of coconut and almond meringue, layered with fresh raspberries and a lychee jelly centre. Findshed with a white chocolate glaze, the Monet is perfect for summertime and a favourite for weddings. 

How much:
Small -  Serves 4-6 - $38.00
Medium - Serves 6-8 - $50.00
Large - Serves 8-10 - $62.00
Extra Large - Serves 15 - $88.00

Personal Message - $5

Timeframe to order:  48 hour notice

My opinion: The cake is very nice and light and fluffy. The Lychee taste makes it very refreshing. Good for a summer or spring occasion. 

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