Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ice Bar

Ice Bar (Melbourne)

Bar: Ice Bar

Address: 319 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Website: www.icebarmelbourne.com

What I liked best about this place: This place is a hotspot in Melbourne (I said hot lol). It is advertised in their Melbourne monthly free booklet and also has a 20% discount on the back. 

With this 20% discount we paid for the Deluxe package - $49 (20% was $39). In this package we got the snow gear + 1x cocktail + 1x shot. 

Having spent a few hours here we got to find the below:
- Bartender Z is the best bartender ever, advising the stronger cocktails and shots.
- Ice bar is sponsored by HBO, hence the Game of Throne sculptures inside
- There is 2x cameras set up inside, where you can take as many photos as possible. However you can't use your own phones or cameras inside. Instead you must purchase their photos outside @ $12 per photo (digital).
- The chairs inside are made out of Ice, careful the stools may slide.
- Wear more clothes if you plan to go, after a while my friend and I couldn't feel our fingers through the gloves.
- You won't realise your drunk, because your too worried about the cold.
- The cups used for the drinks are not made of ice.
- When your in there just chill.

What was ordered:
We got 1x cocktail and 1x shot with our entry. The drinks are named with ice themes or Game of Thrones theme.
We also got the ski shot and where 3 shots are put into a ski and all 3 must shot at the same time. In the photo below I look a bit too keen for the shot lol.

Ice Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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