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Cake, Bake & Sweet Show 2018

Cake, Bake & Sweet Show

Miscellaneous Review:  Cake, Bake & Sweet Show

Address: ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

What I liked best about this event:

This is an annual event held in Sydney and other cities in Australia. The event runs over 3 days. People from the community and businesses can open accessible exhibits and stalls. Even famous chefs come to host presentations. These are a great chance to get close and personal with your favourite celebrity chefs.

My friend Cass and I ventured to this event on the Sunday 25 November 2018.

My first time at this event was 4 years ago. I always manage to have the best of luck running into the celebrities. Last time I managed to get a quick snap with Adriano Zumbo.

This year I was lucky to run into the beautiful Katherine Sabbath. She was very lovely and happy for us to have a photo taken together. If you even read this Katherine, I really appreciated it.

We walked through the "Art of Cake" exhibit. This showed us some high quality decorated cakes!

We had time to catch a show on the main stage, hosted by Anna Polyviou. She had the entire crowd pumping with excitement. 

We saw a lady at the Liddell demonstration stage, telling us about her lovely Christmas cake. She even let us try some and it was delicious.

We even got to see a bold performance from the Knafeh guts in their shipping container. My friend shared her Grandmothers Knafeh once and told me about these guys, so I always wanted to try. If you ever see these guys shipping container in your Westfield car park, I recommend you try it. As they quoted it taste "like a warm Creme Brulee".

If you missed the event this year, try to go next year. You don't know who will pop up or what you will learn.

Feel free to comment, if you attended or attended in the past? What did you see? What did you like? What did you learn? What did you enjoy about the show? Did you buy any goodies?

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Restaurant: Gami Chicken (Central Park Chippendale)

Address: Lower Ground Floor, Central Park Mall, 28, Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

What I liked best about this place
I absolutely love fried chicken! And this place had really nice chicken. The original chicken with Honey mustard was a very good combination. But I think the Garlic soy fried chicken was tastier. My absolute favourite thing I ate here was the cheesy corn. Something so simple and yet I never thought of before!

What was ordered:

Corn Cheese – $9.8 , Seasoned loose corn covered with seared cheese and sprinkled parsley served on a sizzling plate.

Potato heaven – $14, 3 different layers of a signature potato. Mashed creamy potato, cheese and wedges are in layered harmony.

Kimchi pancake - $14, Pan-fried traditional Korean pickled cabbage and vegetables in Korean pancake batter.

Original whole chicken – $32, A whole chicken cut into 17 pieces (with bones).
Honey Mustard Sauce - $2

Seafood and spring onion pancake – $14, Pan-fried assorted seafood and spring onion in Korean pancake batter.

Garlic Soy whole chicken – $34, Whole chicken cut into 17 pieces (with bones).

Jap-Chae – $12, Sweet potato noodle stir-fried with mushrooms, chicken and vegetables in sweet soy sauce.

Gami Chicken and Beer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, 3 September 2018

Cake - Uncle Testu's Original Cheesecake

Uncle Testu's Original Cheesecake

Where to get this cake: Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake


Description: The Original Signature Japanese cheesecake is the soft & fluffy world famous staple of everything Uncle Tetsu.

How much: $17.99

Timeframe to order: Always available, made fresh daily. 

My opinion: This is a very good snack to have in the home for guests and any occasion really. It is very soft and fluffy and they are made everyday. Sometimes there may be a line outside. But it's worth the wait

Uncle Tetsu’s Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cake - Jasper - Andy Bowdy

Jasper - Andy Bowdy

Where to get this cake:  Saga, 178 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042


DescriptionChocolate Fudge Cake, Milo Mousse, Malteasers, Chocolate Fudge Drizzle, Torched Meringue

How much:
18cm (Serves up to 20) - $220
22cm (Serves up to 35) - $300
26cm (Serves up to 50) - $390

Timeframe to order:  5-7 days prior to date. 

My opinion:
This cake would have to be the most fanciest I have ever had. My friend had this for her 30th Birthday and it was very tasty. I think it could have been better with less malteasers. But it was still a very tasty cake!

Saga Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cake - Caramel Glaze Mudcake - The Cheesecake Shop

Caramel Glaze Mudcake - The Cheesecake Shop

Where to get this cake: The Cheesecake Shop


Description: A divine caramel mudcake generously coated with a mouth-watering French caramel glaze, carefully decorated with crepe crumb and finished with Belgian chocolate flourishes.

How much:
Whole Cake - $36.95
Half - $18.95

Additional: Personal Message - $5  (up to 30 characters)

Timeframe to order: 24 Hours

My opinion: This cake is like heaven. If you wanted a guilty pleasure then buy this cake and eat it all to yourself. It is so good, you wont want to share any of it!

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Cake - Puppy Cake - Breadtop

Puppy Cake - Breadtop

Where to get this cake:  Breadtop


Description: A lovable cake perfect for a kid’s party – a finely crafted puppy with adorable, beady chocolate eyes and ladened with cream, with a chocolate flavoured or fruity scented Swiss roll inside. They only come in one size. Flavours available are mixed fruit, chocolate and tiramisu. 

How much: $31.50

Additional: Personal message is free - custom message is up to 20 characters

Timeframe to order:  Up to 48 hours

My opinion: This cake is a very good looking cake! First time I ate this, I felt guilty eating the dog. But it sure is a tasty cake. 

Breadtop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cake - Strawberry Watermelon Cake - Black Stay Pastry

Strawberry Watermelon Cake - Black Stay Pastry

Where to get this cake: Black Star Pastry


Description: Fresh, light and fragrant. Perfect for birthdays, weddings or just because, this has become Black Star Pastry’s signature and most requested cake. The Strawberry Watermelon Cake consists of two layers of almond dacquoise (like a meringue), rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberries and garnished with pistachios and dried rose petals.

How much:
4 Portion 10 x 12 cm - $32.00       
6 Portion 15 x 12 cm - - $45.00      
8 Portion 18 x 13 cm - $60.00       
10 Portion 18 x 18 cm - $70.00     
12 Portion 19 x 19 cm - $84.00     
16 Portion 22 x 22 cm - $112.00
20 Portion 24 x 24 cm - $130.00
24 Portion 27 x 27 cm - $156.00
30 Portion 30 x 30 cm - $195.00
40 Portion 38 x 38 cm - $260.00

Chocolate Message Plaque - $4.00
up to 25 characters

Timeframe to order:up to 2 days notice

My opinion: This by far is my favourite cake. It is a nice summer/spring cake and is good for any occasion. Light and refreshing, the watermelon makes this very unique and delicious.

Black Star Pastry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cake - Markytime - Zumbo Patisserie

Markytime - Zumbo Patisserie 

Where to get this cake: Zumbo Patisserie 


Zumbo pays homage to the iconic Australian frozen treat – The Golden Gaytime.
Whipped vanilla chantilly, gaytime cremeux, biscuit joconde, coated in milk chocolate and crunchy vanilla biscuit pieces.
Please note the cake itself isn’t an ice cream cake and isn’t frozen!
Contains: Dairy, eggs, soy and tree nuts.

Gluten Free

How much:
1 portion - $8.50
9 Portion - $40.00
16 Portion - $60.00

Plaque Message - $5  (Up to 35 characters)

Timeframe to orderUp to 48 Hours

My opinion: The cake is very rich, but it does remind me of a Golden Gay Time. 

Cake - Monet - La Renaissance Patisserie

Monet - La Renaissance Patisserie 

Where to get this cake:  La Renaissance Patisserie 


White chocolate and vanilla bavaroise, on a base of coconut and almond meringue, layered with fresh raspberries and a lychee jelly centre. Findshed with a white chocolate glaze, the Monet is perfect for summertime and a favourite for weddings. 

How much:
Small -  Serves 4-6 - $38.00
Medium - Serves 6-8 - $50.00
Large - Serves 8-10 - $62.00
Extra Large - Serves 15 - $88.00

Personal Message - $5

Timeframe to order:  48 hour notice

My opinion: The cake is very nice and light and fluffy. The Lychee taste makes it very refreshing. Good for a summer or spring occasion. 

Cake - Opera - Lindt

Opera - Lindt Cafe

Where to get this cake: Lindt Cafe  


DescriptionA layered cake of dark chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream and almond sponge

How much:   

Single Serve - $11.50
Medium - (Serves 8) $46.00
Large - (Serves 16) $72.00


Plaque - $5.00

Personal Message Plaque (up to 45 character limit) - $7.00

Timeframe to order:  Can take up to 7 working days subject to availability.

My opinion:

This is probably the most known  or most popular cake from Lindt. this cake is very very rich from all the chocolate. It does taste very very good, but you don't need to much of it. 

Lindt Chocolate Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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